Chaya's Bat Mitzvah

Chaya’s Bat Mitzvah 

Hi everyone,

As most of you will know, my family made the decision to move to Israel just over a year ago.

Since arriving my life has changed a lot.

To start with, I now spend most of my day speaking in Hebrew! It’s even got to the point I take phone calls for my mum to translate for her!

Aside from learning a new language, I’ve also found new hobbies such as skateboarding and surfing which I love.

Life in Israel is fun. I walk to school with my sisters and make all my own arrangements with friends. We finish school at lunch time and often meet in the park or go to the mall. 

The weather is amazing and we spend lots of time swimming and by the beach.

However, it’s not all so easy. Since my time here, I’ve had to learn to recognise the sounds of sirens , learn phrases such as ‘iron dome’ and ‘terrorist attack’ and practice being vigilant at all times.

In my Batmitzvah year, it was important for me to support a charity and I decided to find a charity connected with the IDF. 

I often see soldiers walking around and I imagine one day that will be me. 

The charity is called The Michael Levin base. It’s named after a lone soldier and now supports hundreds of lone soldiers in Israel. 

Michael died in battle fighting for the country he loved.

My aim is to sponsor and organise two events at the base for lone soldiers to attend. These events are so important as it provides a place to go, meet friends, eat and feel supported.

In order to raise money, I have used another hobby of mine and created 12 graphic images with a connection to Israel. 

Each image will be printed on to a postcard and I am selling packs of 12 postcards for a minimum Donation of £25. 

Each donation made will mean so much for me. Thank you for supporting my Batmitzvah project and The Michael Levin Base.

Love Chaya x

Tax-deductible donations to The Base can be made in USD, NIS, CAD and GBP. 

NIS donations can be made via transfer, credit card or BIT. You can now donate via BIT: 050 389 4447

Please fill out the short form below and choose your currency and click the blue donate button. Please note to check that you haven’t chosen a monthly donation if you are making a one off donation.

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