Lone Soldiers and Lone B’not Sheirut make the sacrifice of leaving their homes in order to serve and protect Israel. By becoming an Annual Friend of The Michael Levin Base, you are able to honor the memory of these brave young men and women who put themselves in the front lines to protect us all. We remember Michael Levin z”l and hope to continue his legacy by supporting the next generation of Lone Soldiers and Lone B’not Sheirut, some of whom are working diligently in hospitals to take care of the wounded victims of terrorist attacks.

Thank you to those who have already become Annual Friends of The Michael Levin Base: 

Platinum: Andrew and Jean Balcombe, Richard and Jean Corman, John Corre, Janet Wilson, Lenny and Mona Wolman, Elizabeth Rothstein, Anonymous. 

Gold: Barbara Wyckoff, Rosemary Linsider, Audrey and Harvey Scher, Harriet Sherman Schimel, Philip and Shelley Stein, Leah and Bernie Weinberger, Arnold and Judith Slyper, Alan and Arlene Rosenstock, 

Silver: Elliott Sud, Janice Arnstein, Alan and Vera Lavin, Laya Lightstone, Yaacov Ziesel, Ruth Tick, David and Maya Moed, Rifka Hamburger, Joe and Rhea Grob.

Bronze: Bea Rosenbaum, Brina Hershkovitz, Greta Warshaviak, Yair Feiglin, Neil Gillman, Sharon Lazar, Rose Rosenthal Estelle Goldfarb, Lisa and Howard Friedman, Michael and Bobbi Luxenberg, Jill and Morris Moscovitch, Ruby and Alvin Newman, Saundra Rothenberg Lurie and Milton Lurie,  Shelley Wolf, David and Eileen Leavitt, Marsha Goodman, Richard Lopchinsky, Lillian and Irv Cantor, Norman Cohen, Phyllis Zlotnick, Judith Wasserman

Donations to become a Friend of The Michael Levin Base are per person. To join as a couple please double the donation amount. 

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